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The Smart POS that gets you more customers

The worlds first Internet of Things POS

Marc1 is a complete hardware and software platform for brick and mortar retail stores


IoT device

installed within POS unit


Tracks mobile phones

and infers foot traffic - no need to connect to WiFi



distance to device, dwell time and records unique address for each device



retailers across South Africa and Botswana

The POS that delivers advanced features at a competitive price

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Our biggest success comes from the impact we have for our clients


% Increase in net profit

Due to upsell gamification


% Increase in revenue

Through operational efficiencies gained


% Reduction in cash losses

With the use of cash control AI

Marc1 re-imagines the potential of the point of sale, giving physical retailers tools previously only available to online stores

Capture every sale

Effortlessly run your sales operations while providing immediate feedback to sales force on how their actions translate into value

Quick and easy sales recording

Quickly serve customers by just tapping to add or remove items from their order

Instant pricing updates

Update your menu and product catalogue with the latest pricing and promotions remotely, across multiple sites

Keep a tight control of cash

Cash control AI keeps a close track of your stores cash flow and be alerts you of any deviation in cash up amounts instantly

Monitor your investory and visible stock

Always know what’s on your racks and in your storerooms with multi-level stock management

Work offline

Continue to use all POS functionality without an Internet connection

Thinking about opening a new store?

Download our mall foot traffic information pack to assist with the decision making process

Get more customers

Increase customer traffic into your store with location and predictive analytics

Monitor foot traffic

Track how many customers visit your store daily using foot traffic analytics

Analyse customer loyalty

Track daily loyalty trends and gain insights into your customer visit behaviour using customer loyalty analytics

Send push notifications

Send tailored SMS’s to potential customers when they are passing by your store

Schedule a demo today

Understanding the full potential of this platform is showcased through an instore demo

Unlock new opportunities

Put the tools of online retailers in your hands with first of its kind features built into our point of sale platform

Upsell AI

Upsell gamification function provides sales team with real time incentives to add upsell items to existing basket

Forecast and plan AI

Receive notifications on when and which items to produce based on foot traffic, sales and stock levels

Real time customer conversion funnel

Enables you to evaluate sales relative to foot traffic with advanced metrics around return frequency and store dwell time

Intelligent advertising board

Create urgency and excitement in store with advertising boards that automatically launches promotions based on stock level and foot traffic triggers

A/B testing engine

Identifies promotions and pricing to deliver optimal conversion rates

Recommendation engine

System automatically suggest items to add to basket based on prior purchasing behaviour

Choose your pricing configuration

We develop tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, choose between upfront and monthly subscription models

Make better decisions

Our intelligent reporting services allows for fully customisable reporting and notifies you of potential problems and recommends actions to resolve them

Tracks sales and KPI's live

Identify poor performing stores, sales ambassadors or trading times and implement actions to improve these

Detect possible scams across your stores

Detect possible scams across your store chain with instant notifications of unusual trading patterns

Be aware of your POS health 24/7

Get instant alerts of the POS not being utilised, problems with the hardware or a dip in the network connectivity

Monitor the status of actions taken

Manage your operations team, know who is actioning their notifications, see average time to respond and their resolution

Real time reporting and visualisation 

Our reporting engine built using the Elastic (ELK) Stack brings the world’s leading analytics solution to your retail environment

Built using the worlds best technology


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Built on AWS

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